Update: based on the response from the participants, we hope to publish the volume of conference proceedings.  Some details need to be discussed with the editor and potential authors.

In any case, submission for the volume will stay open until 31 December 2019.


The publisher Springer offered to publish conference proceedings as one of the books in their “Springer Proceedings in Physics” series ( All papers will receive a DOI reference

Written contributions for all presentations, including posters, could be published in the volume. All contributions will be refereed.

The SILS executive committee and the organization decided to offer to the SILS meeting participants the possibility of an indexed publication. We understand that proliferation of publications in different media including proceedings should not be a priority in our community, but we envisage that a comprehensive book including the various SILS-related research fields may be beneficial for us. In particular, this publication may help young researcher and PhD students enlarging the impact of their research and also promote the Italian synchrotron radiation/free electron laser community in general.

While submitting the abstracts, please indicate if you will submit a contribution according to the guidelines below. Depending on the response from the participants, the scientific committee will decide whether to publish or not a proceedings volume.

Proceedings guidelines

The contribution should either describe original research or be some sort of review/perspective paper.

The estimated required contribution length (including figures and bibliography) is:

  • invited talk (8 pages at least)
  • oral talk (5 pages at least)
  • poster (3 pages at least)

Submissions for the volume will stay open until 30 September 2019.

The electronic version of the proceedings will be made available free of charge for downloading by conference participants for 4 months following its online publication.